Getting to know California – Klasse 8e plant virtuelle Reise nach Kalifornien

In Anlehnung an die Lehrwerks-Unit „California“ plante die Klasse 8e in den vergangenen Wochen eine virtuelle Reise nach und durch Kalifornien und machte dabei folgende Erfahrungen:

Two months ago, my class and I started planning a virtual trip to California in school. It took us a lot of effort and we finished two weeks ago.

Planning the activities

Due to everyone having different ideas, we decided that we'll do the tasks mostly on our own. First, we had to plan the cities that we want to visit and look for the tourist attractions and the activities that the city is offering.
My dream was to visit LA and the Alcatraz Island. So of course I picked LA. I decided to visit Disneyland, the Hollywood sign & the Walk of Fame. I also planned to explore the Beverly Hill's shops as well as San Francisco with some sightseeing passes.

Cultural differences

We informed ourselves about the cultural differences between Germany and America. Compared to Germany, there are a lot of differences in California that become important if you decide to camp there for example. To only name two, the trash system is completely different and always include some positive statements in conversation, especially when making small talk.

The necessary documents

In order to enter the USA we had to do a lot of paperwork/ get a lot of documents. It was a long process. We already had valid passport, which was really good. However, we first had to get a VISA. That was a really long and expensive process. We waited for 3 months and finally got it last week. As soon as we got them, it was time for the final step. After a lot of thinking we made a deal that everyone can choose which town they were going to visit first. I reserved my flight to LA and was almost done with everything.

Organizing the luggage

This was the hardest but most interesting activity that I had to do. I had to inform myself about the weather so that I could know what kind of clothes I should bring. I would recommend you to also take some snacks and a small pillow for the flight because it's going to last really long and it will be exhausting.

Planning the trip was not easy at all. It took a lot of time, money and effort. However, I think that it was really worth it all and I am very exited to explore California once in my lifetime.


 (class 8e)